Synthetic Cutting and Grinding Coolant for Industrial Applications

Are you looking for an outstanding synthetic metalworking coolant for your business?

Stevenson Oil has the right product for a wide variety of industrial applications.

SYN-COOL 340 is available as a 100% true-solution synthetic, heavy duty cutting and grinding coolant. It’s ideal if you use cast iron, all steel, hard alloys and brass. Why? SYN-COOL 340 is designed to offer outstanding lubrication as well as extreme pressure characteristics associated with machining and grinding.

How it can help your business:

  • Extends life of tool/wheel
  • Resists fungus and bacteria (to support sump life)
  • 100% tramp oil rejecting
  • Low foaming
  • Offers hard water stability
  • Protection from corrosion
  • Keeps machines clean

The unique blend of additives offers excellent film-boundary lubrication and wetting for outstanding lubricity and heat dissipation.

Learn more bout SYN-COOL 340 and why the synthetic metalworking coolan can benefit your company.

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