Stevenson Oil & Chemical Corp.

An industrial oil company, we continually seek ways to increase the value our customers receive for their investment in hydraulic oils and fluid products. We focus on cost effectiveness, quality and on-time delivery.

Please call 855-943-3337.

Hydraulic Industrial Oils, Lubricants & Greases

Service and customer satisfaction are key concepts to our success as an industrial oil company. In addition to our conventional hydraulic oils and products, we have responded to our customer’s requests and expanded our product line to include synthetic products, plasma quenching fluids and environmentally-friendly lubricants.

  • We offer Will Call! Our Cage Code is 5B8H1.
  • We will be pleased to meet your fluid solution needs!
  • We will refill pails to save on cost and the environment.
  • Products are available in 1, 5, 55 gallons and totes.

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