Quench Oils

Stevenson Oil & Chemical is a proud provider of a variety of high quality quench oils specifically designed for steel and cast iron alloy cooling and hardening progressions.

Quenching refers simply to the technical process by which steel and iron products are systematically heat-treated and then rapidly cooled at variable rates depending primarily on the material’s initial structure and composition, as well as by the manufacturer’s required post treatment qualities.

Quenching offers a number of benefits, most notably in that it prevents the crystallization and subsequent formation of amorphous metals or “metallic glass” Also, quenching further warrants steel and iron alloy products to demonstrate a significant increase in strength, durability, and structural integrity.

The process of quenching can compliment both surface-hardening and through-hardening of metals. It also allows for improved flexibility and tolerance of high stress environments, traits that are often sought after for products (including gears, shafts, and wear blocks).

In the hardening process, quench oils dramatically reduce the potential for distortion and micro-cracking of metals while maintaining a controlled heat transfer. Due to the relatively high boiling range of quench oils – compared to water and brine – quench oils are commandingly superior in the production of sophisticated technical equipment and multifaceted shapes and designs.

If you would like to learn more about quench oils or to place an order, please contact Stevenson Oil & Chemical at 855-943-3337.


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