Tankside Additives & Cleaners

Bacteria can be a problem with metalworking fluids.  We offer tankside additives to eliminate those bugs as well as machine cleaners when bacteria and fungus is unmanageable.   In addition, we offer floor and parts cleaners either as a water-soluble or straight product or solvents for parts washers.  We also offer varnish cleaner for varnish and carbon deposits that develop in compressors and the like.

Tankside Additives help eradicate any bacteria associated with metalworking and Stevenson offers many different types of these products and cleaners.

  • Sump Saver: This type of additive offers pH stabilizers, low toxicity and includes an anti-bacterial agent to prevent the breakdown of your machines from fungus and rust.
  • Machine Kleen 400: This cleaner excels at killing existing fungus so your machines are fresh and ready to go within 24 hours of treatment. It does not damage most finishes.
  • PowerKleen LA:  Designed for use on most metals and water-based, it allows for many different purposes and is able to be diluted based on your needs.

Here are some of the industries that use these products:

  • Industrial Manufacturers
  • Machine Shops

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