Industrial Punch Compound Available

Stevenson Oil is proud to offer industrial punch compound for manufacturers.

It’s a popular product because it’s an oil-based piercing, blanking, punching and stamping compound that a divese number of manufacturers rely on for many types of applications.

If needed, it’s possible for you to dilute it with blending oils that are suitable for lighter duty operations. Punch Compound is effective because of its high concentration of extreme pressure and lubricity additives.

Where can it be used?

Punch Compound can be used with all ferrous and many non-ferrous metals, such as galvanized steel, aluminum and yellow metals.

Here are examples of how it can help:

  • Known for its versatility, Punch Compound can be used in many types of operations
  • Light color
  • Low odor
  • Offers tenacious film with excellent carry through
  • Can be removed with warm alkaline cleaners and solvent degreasers
  • Punch Compound is adaptable to swab, spray, dip or roll coat application

Get the details about industrial Punch Compound.

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