Clarion Green Synthetic Gear Fluids

Stevenson Oil now offers Clarion Green Synthetic Gear Fluids from the Clarion Lubricants line of Environmentally Acceptable Lubricants (EAL).

Clarion-Green-Synthetic-Gear-FluidsThe gear fluids are:

  • Readily biodegradable
  • EPA 2013 VGP and 2014 sVGP compliant
  • Full-synthetic
  • Formulated for extreme pressure (EP)
  • Non-toxic (in acute aquatic toxicity test LC-50)
  • Zinc free; ashless
  • Non-bio-accumulative

Clarion Green Synthetic Gear Fluids, Clarion Green Synthetic Fluids and Clarion Green BIO products meet EPA Vessel General Permit (Dec. 2013) and EPA Small Vessel General Permit (Dec. 2014) requirements for Environmentally Acceptable Lubricants.

Clarion Green Synthetic Gear Fluids are available in ISO 220 (AGMA 5 EP) and ISO 320 (AGMA 6 EP) viscosity grades. Clarion Green Synthetic Gear Fluids offer premium wear protection, rust and corrosion protection, thermal and oxidation stability and low temperature performance in industrial gear sets operating in environmentally sensitive areas.

Use Clarion Green Synthetic Gear Fluids, Clarion Green Synthetic Fluids and Clarion Green BIO in accordance with equipment manufacturer recommendations. Fluid monitoring through LubeAlert® Oil Condition Monitoring Service is recommended to maximize fluid service life. Moisture content should be maintained at less than 500 ppm. Improper system conversion and mixing with other lubricants may affect performance.

Available in totes, drums and pails.

Material Code Product Name Viscosity Grade Type
633590009 CLARION GREEN SYNTHETIC GEAR 220 ISO 220, AGMA 5 EP Synthetic Ester
633591009 CLARION GREEN SYNTHETIC GEAR 320 ISO 320, AGMA 6 EP Synthetic Ester
633585009 CLARION GREEN SYNTHETIC 22 ISO 22 Synthetic Ester
633586009 CLARION GREEN SYNTHETIC 32 ISO 32 Synthetic Ester
633587009 CLARION GREEN SYNTHETIC 46 ISO 46 Synthetic Ester
633588009 CLARION GREEN SYNTHETIC 68 ISO 68 Synthetic Ester
633580009 CLARION GREEN BIO 32 ISO 32 High Oleic Natural Ester
633581009 CLARION GREEN BIO 46 ISO 46 High Oleic Natural Ester
633582009 CLARION GREEN BIO 68 ISO 68 High Oleic Natural Ester
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