Stevenson Oil Releases Complimentary Guide on Hydraulic Machine Oil Maintenance

Stevenson Oil & Chemical, a distributor of conventional industrial oil and synthetic products, today released a free guide, “Hydraulic Machine Oil Maintenance.” Download it to receive the best practices on maintaining machinery oil.

The guide covers many topics designed to help businesses save time and money.

For example, companies can reference the guide for quality tips to ensure that they are able to protect their investment while implementing the best plans to monitor oil in both new and older hydraulic machines.

Get the guide here:

“We created the guide to make it easy for companies to be mindful of hydraulic machinery oil and the benefits of proper maintenance,” says Suzanne Harkey, president of Stevenson Oil.

Here are a few excerpts:

  • Find out the maximum life of the fluid. Most of today’s hydraulic oils are good for 3,000-5,000 hours depending on the product and operating conditions.
  • Correctly sample the oil and have it tested to determine the current condition.
  • Determine whether any changes need to be made once the test results are received. The testing facility will indicate whether there are any problems with the fluid (i.e., dirt, the presence of water or wear metal contamination).

In addition to these tips, the guide also covers other important topics, including:

  • Training methods
  • Reviewing manufacturer recommendations
  • Handling paperwork

About Stevenson Oil & Chemical

Stevenson Oil & Chemical continually seeks ways to increase the value it offers customers who invest in hydraulic oil and other fluid products – focusing on cost effectiveness, quality and on-time delivery. In addition to conventional industrial oil products, the company offers synthetic products, food grade lubricants, plasma quenching fluids and environmentally-friendly lubricants.

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