Synthetic Hydraulic Oil for Machines

synthetic oilsWe offer a variety of synthetic oils and lubricants, including air compressor oils (PAO, Diester, Synthetic blend), gear oils, heat transfer fluids, and refrigeration compressor fluids.

These products offer reduced maintenance costs, energy savings, and reduced lubricant consumption.

Synthetic hydraulic oil and lubricants are a great way to increase service life of your machine. These types of lubricants consume less and help decrease wear and tear.

In addition to those benefits, these synthetic oils have higher flash points, less deposit formations which assists in longer machine life, leading to less spent on maintenance and/or new equipment.

These products are environmentally friendly, as they reduce the amount of energy consumed and increase performance when in cold weather situations.

Here are some of the industries that use these products:

  • Driller/Drilling Rig Operators
  • Natural Gas Industry
  • Pipeline Operators
  • Refrigeration/Air Conditioning Manufacturers

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Advances in chemical research are leading to the development of extraordinary products that have the potential to quickly phase out the most common items that we use now. Almost anything that can be derived from the environment naturally can now be synthetically replaced. This development is really good news when it comes to reducing our reliance on our quickly dwindling natural resources. Oil stands out as a clear leader in this trend towards synthetic products. The rising concern for the use of fossil fuels makes this invention a natural alternative.

Synthetic oils have been in development for a long period of time, allowing them to be extremely versatile in today’s market. They can be applied to everything from air compressors to heat transfer fluids. Synthetic oils are slowly making their way into the industrial sector as well, maintaining a large presences in drilling operations, natural gas exploration, and pipeline construction. The reasons for the shift are rather apparent when you begin to look at the advantages that it has to offer.

Synthetic oils reduce the cost of maintenance over time when compared to conventional oils. When used in conjunction with heavy machinery, they reduce energy costs associated with operation as well. The product is vastly more efficient, maintaining its properties and integrity for much longer than any conventional products being used in the same capacity.

These oils also present specific advantages in distinct operating conditions. In industrial practices where cold weather is a consistent factor, synthetic oil is the superior product. It also maintains a higher flash point, allowing for the reduction of risk to workers and machinery in situations where extreme temperatures are present. Additionally, because these products are manufactured in an artificial environment that is free of contaminants, the likelihood that deposits will form that can damage machinery is dramatically reduced.

The automotive and aviation industry have gravitated to the use of these fluids as well.  In fact, the very first use of synthetic oil in aviation took place back in World War II with the release of the Merlin aircraft engine. The list of advantages for synthetic oils is extensive while the drawbacks to the product are virtually non-existent. In addition to meeting the needs of a greener society, these oils have better chemical stability properties, improve fuel economy, and are completely free of detergents.


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