Way Oils

Poor machine lubrication will virtually destroy your equipment and put production on hold. Way oils are designed to significantly reduce friction between sliding machine components, extend equipment life, and allow production to continue with ease. Way oils provide a number of noteworthy advantages and a noticeable difference will be seen after the first application.

First, and most importantly, way oils allow for smooth and uniform movement of blocks in all necessary directions. They are able to radically diminish the potential for sudden stick-slip motions and subsequent machine chattering and scoring. This is by and large the most common reason our customers come to us for help. Stick-slip is the tricky and often times frustrating result of tension between blocks and can quickly turn a precision cutting machine into a clumsy and useless contraption. The following machine chatter and scoring can stem directly from untreated stick-slip and will ultimately prove costly in both time and money. The vibrations that occur as a result of poor lubrication will cut divots and grooves into your otherwise smooth operating surfaces and can negatively affect production and the precision guiding for which your equipment is designed.

Second, way oils are highly effective in managing excess debris, which has the potential to create additional friction and grinding. Metal filings in particular, are a fundamental concern facing millers and CNC operators, and without the application of way oils, those filings can contribute to chatter, scoring, and grinding as mentioned previously. Likewise, this applies to wood workers and stone-cutters, who may run a risk of accumulating excessive dust and shavings in between moving components of their equipment.

Finally, way oils sufficiently fulfill anti-corrosion and water separation needs as required by industry standards. This successfully prevents oxidation from developing on the surface of equipment, as well as the formation of emulsions with aqueous coolants. Unrestricted lubrication performance is the result and makes it simple and easy to clean and maintain.

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