SEMI-SYN 200 Semi-Synthetic Metalworking Cutting and Grinding Coolant

SEMI-SYN 200 is a semi-synthetic metalworking grinding and cutting coolant that businesses can readily use with cast iron, all steels, aluminum and many other non-ferrous metals. With the environment in mind, the coolant was formulated to match the requirements of large waste treatment and coolant recycling systems. SEMI-SYN 200 stands apart from most other coolants by phasing separate excess oils so they can be removed during waste treatment or recycling. SEMI-SYN 200 is especially effective because of the amount of petroleum oil that it contains. For example, it is effective in many rigorous operations for diverse applications such as boring, drilling, milling, cutting and grinding.

How It Can Help:

  • Resistant to bacteria and fungus
  • Stable micro-emulsion
  • Tramp oil rejecting
  • Does not irritate the skin
  • Odor is mild, non-offensive
  • Outstanding protection from corrosion
  • Won’t remove paint or damage a machine
  • Offers hard water stability

As a semi-synthetic metalworking coolant, SEMI-SYN 200 has high oil content and offers superior film-boundary lubrication and heat dissipation at the interface of the tool/part. Low oil semi-synthetic products simply can’t perform as well.

It’s important to monitor SEMI-SYN 200. You can monitor the concentration by refractive index with a refractometer.

SEMI-SYN 200 is available in 5 gallon pails, 55 gallon drums and 275 gallon returnable tote bin quantities.

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