Optimum Machine Fluid Performance Plan

Determine a Course of Action to Maintain Optimum Machine Fluid Performance

  • Determine whether any changes need to be made once the test results are received. The testing facility will indicate whether there are any problems with the machine fluid ( i.e., dirt, the presence of water or wear metal contamination).
  • Implement the recommended changes. It is important to change out the oil if it is excessively dirty or change the filter(s) if the particle counts are too high.
  • Retest the machine fluid to make sure it is in compliance with the manufacturer’s recommended cleanliness levels.
  • Most importantly, design a documented program to monitor the oil on a consistent basis. Once the oil is clean and in compliance with the manufacturer’s recommendations, continue to test the oil on a regular basis.  This will provide constant feedback on the fluid’s condition and will allow maintenance personnel to make necessary changes quickly to reduce downtime. It is at this step where improved costs and profitability will be seen over time.
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