Metalworking Coolants

Metalworking coolants are substances that provide a cooling effect during machining and shaping of metals. They are widely used in many manufacturing industries. They are vital in many machine operations due to their effectiveness in cooling the machines. They come in many forms, including liquid forms, paste or gel, aerosols and air.

They are used for three important functions. First, they prevent heat build up during machining. Machine processes result in a lot of friction, which brings about generation of heat. Failure to reduce the heat and friction causes damage to the tools and diminishes the quality of the products produced.

Secondly, metalworking coolants prolong the life of the tools by ensuring that they run effectively. By transferring the heat produced through the metalworking process, companies can increase the quality of workmanship and reduce waste.

Finally, metalworking coolants inhibit rust. Metals are bound to rust when they come into contact with moisture which decreases their efficiency and increases friction. A business will choose metalworking coolants for any of the above reasons, but they will mainly select the coolant based on lubricity properties.

When choosing a metalworking coolant, industries and individuals consider various needs. It could be for cooling purpose or for lubrication.

In addition, the cost of the coolant comes into play with many industries trying to deal with one coolant to reduce cost through bulk buying.

Metalworking coolants are commonly used in aerospace, defense and among diverse industrial manufacturers. They are used in milling processes, mostly as a lubricant. Liquid coolants in the form of mineral, semi-synthetic and synthetic fluid are commonly used. Mineral fluids are used in a range of industries both heavy and light industries (including the transportation industry).

Semi-synthetic fluids are typically used with CNC machine tools. Synthetic fluid are used in processes such as plasma arch cutting, electrical discharge machine and engine operations.

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