Clarion Green Gear Lubes

When you’re in-need of lubricants for environmentally sensitive areas such as off-shore drilling and production platforms, Clarion’s Green Gear Lubes are the way to go. Green Gear Lubes are recommended for enclosed or open helical, straight, herringbone, spiral bevel, spur gears and bearings and lubricate with much less environmental risk. Clarion’s “green” lubes for gears are high-performance gear lubes – designed for use in the gears of equipment operating in environmentally sensitive areas where eco-contamination is NOT an option.

Green Gear Lubes by Clarion are formulated with a state-of-the-art, ashless additive package that provides many solid benefits for users – excellent anti-wear protection, hydrolytic stability & a longer service life, optimum rust and corrosion protection, and easy recyclability amongst them. These fine lubes are suggested for applications such as straight, spiral bevel, herringbone, enclosed or open helical, spur gears and bearings.

Because Clarion Green Gear Lubes are inherently biodegradable and will pass the U.S. Coast Guard static sheen test requirements, they are desired lubes by any operation seeking to leave behind a negligible carbon footprint. The lubes are non-toxic to aquatic life – exceeding U.S. EPA LC50 test requirements for mysid shrimp, fathead minnow and rainbow trout.

All Clarion Green Gear Lubes possess excellent thermal and oxidative stability for long-lasting use, and are compatible with other premium mineral oil-based lubricants. When you’re looking for gear lubes that protect the environment while protecting machinery, look no further than Clarion for Green Gear Lubes and much more.

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