Clarion Green Bio Hydraulic Fluids

If you’re looking for anti-wear protection for vanes, piston and gear pumps, valves, motors, and other hydraulic circuit components that are being used in accordance with the manufacturer’s recommendations, Clarion Green BIO are the right lubricant fluids for you.

Clarion Green BIO hydraulic fluids are specially designed for hydraulic system applications that operate in environmentally sensitive areas where the use of zinc-free, ashless, low aquatic toxicity, readily biodegradable fluid is desired. Such applications and environments include:

  • Mining & Construction — Graders, Bulldozers, Backhoes, Hole Drillers, Conveyors, Crawlers
  • Oil & Gas Exploration – Gas and Oil Drilling Rigs
  • Forestry — Excavators, Scalpers, Wheel Loaders
  • Marine — Dock Equipment, Cranes, Marine Vessels, Offshore and Inshore Rigs, Pile-Drivers, Marine Construction Equipment, Tugs, Dredges

What ARE Clarion Green Bio fluids? Clarion Green BIO are a series of readily biodegradable anti-wear hydraulic fluids that are specially formulated with high-quality, high oleic natural esters which are derived from renewable resources. Clarion Green Bio also contains zinc-free, ashless additives that provide protection for demanding and rigorous hydraulic systems – especially those systems that operate in environmentally sensitive areas where hydraulic fluid leaks could prove dangerous or even catastrophic to natural wildlife, water tables and waterways, or human beings.

Clarion Green BIO hydraulic fluids are guaranteed to be free of zinc. This is because zinc compounds are regulated as priority pollutants under provisions of the Clean Water Act and SARA Title 313. Zinc-free fluids from Clarion thus are much safer for environmentally sensitive regions.

Benefits of Clarion Green Bio hydraulic fluids are many and include:

  • Non-toxic in acute aquatic toxicity test (LC-50)
  • Readily biodegradable
  • Zinc-free, ashless formulation
  • Provide premium anti-wear protection to pumps, motors & other hydraulic components
  • Contain inhibitors to minimize foaming & air entrainment
  • Provide outstanding rust and corrosion protection
  • Meets Eaton (formerly Vickers) M-2950-S, I-286-S requirements
  • Meets Coast Guard Vessel General Permit (December 2013) requirements for biodegradable lubricants

To maximize the service life of Clarion Green Bio hydraulic fluids, fluid monitoring through Lubealert CPM Oil Analyses is recommended. The moisture content should be maintained at less than 500 ppm for optimal functioning.

Clarion Green Bio hydraulic fluids – your “green” solution for mechanical lubricity in eco-sensitive environments.

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