Distributor Of High Quality Industrial Oils And Fluids

Stevenson Oil distributes a variety of industrial oils and fluids. Some of them include honing oils, cylinder oils, gear oils, heat transfer fluids, and hydraulic oils. We also distribute rust preventatives and water-glycol fire-resistant fluids, not to mention quench oils. All of these oils and fluids are produced from high-quality base stocks.

Many types of businesses have come to rely on Stevenson Oil for the best variety of industrial oils and fluids, including:

Spindle Oils
We provide a large selection of high-quality spindle oils. These oils actively resist emulsion formations and have reliable water separation qualities. These and other qualities help decrease the moisture of equipment components, help them withstand high speeds, decrease the heat created by friction, and prevent machinery components from grinding. These high-quality spindle oils can be used in a variety of settings, such as textile operations, hydroelectric turbine bearing lubrication, and plastics manufacturing.

Way Oils
We supply some of the best way oils. They help improve machine lubrication. They do this by decreasing friction between sliding components. This way the movement of blocks becomes more uniform and smooth. Moreover, way oils can help manage debris and fulfill industry standards for water separation and anti-corrosion needs. By actively aiding water separation and anti-corrosion, way oils prevent the emergence of emulsions with aqueous coolants and oxidation on the equipment surface. Therefore, way oils can be used to extend the useful life of machinery.

Quench Oils
Stevenson Oil offers high-quality quench oils. They are specifically produced for hardening progressions and steel alloy cooling. They can also be used for cast iron alloy cooling. Quench oils help prevent the crystallization and subsequent formation of amorphous metals or “metallic glass.” Companies use quench oils because of the increased durability and improved structural integrity. Their use can also improve through hardening and surface hardening. When used in these hardening processes, they can decrease micro-cracking of metals and make the heat transfer more controlled. Moreover, quench oils can improve metals’ tolerance of high stress environments by enhancing their flexibility. These improvements can be critical in the production of wear blocks, gears, and shafts. Therefore, quench oils can be used to improve the production of almost any technical equipment.

Industrial Gear Oils
Stevenson Oil has a wide variety of industrial gear oils. It offers them in custom designed synthetic blends and traditional petroleum based formulations. They decrease friction within the mating parts of the gears. They are especially useful for high speed gearing. Industrial gear oils consist of one of the following: an ester, synthetic fluid, or mineral oil. One of these base components may account for 50 to 98 percent of the final mass of gear oil depending on the amount of additives.

Industrial Oil for Manufacturers
Stevenson Oil sells only the highest quality industrial oil. Because of its thermal properties and smooth texture, oil is the most widely used industrial product. All contact surfaces – such as bearings, pistons, and wheels – rely on industrial oils. Moreover, thermal conductivity and density turn industrial oil into an excellent way to transfer heat. This conductivity can also be used to transfer kinetic energy. That is why industrial oil can be utilized in hydraulic machinery.

Industrial Punch Compound
Stevenson Oil offers the highest quality industrial punch compound. It is used by many different manufacturers for a variety of applications. It consists of a punching and stamping compound, as well as lubricity additives and a high concentration of extreme pressure. It can be diluted with lighter blending oils for some operations. Moreover, punch compound made by Stevenson Oil can be utilized with many non-ferrous metals and all ferrous materials, such as yellow metals and aluminum. Punch compound is famous for its versatility. It has low odor, light color, and staunch film with outstanding carry through. Solvent degreasers and alkaline cleaners can remove it. Furthermore, it can be adapted to to roll coat, swab, dip, and spray applications.

Industrial Greases
We distribute many types of industrial grease. Some include semi-fluid, multi-purpose, synthetic, food grade, and water-resistant industrial greases. Stevenson Oil grease is sold in totes, kegs, pails, drums, and cartridges. It can be used for a variety of applications to ensure that the machinery stays in good condition. Some of these applications include protection against oxidation and corrosion, not to mention wear and tear. Many industries that use Stevenson Oil grease include commercial road fleets, automotive businesses, mining companies, paper mills, agricultural corporations, and off road fleets.

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