Industrial Oil for Manufacturers

Given its texture, thermal properties and other useful qualities, industrial oil is among the most important and widely used material by manufacturers in our world.

Industrial oil, which serve as a lubricant in machinery, literally keeps the wheels of industry turning. Because of its smooth, slippery texture, industrial oil is contained in sealed chambers surrounding pistons, wheels, bearings and other contact surfaces. Many of the machines all around us, such as elevators and conveyor belts, are lubricated by oil and would stop moving without them.

Oils conduct all types of energy well and are often used in industry to transfer heat or kinetic energy. Because of their density and thermal conductivity, industrial oil products make a convenient heat transfer medium. In this capacity, industrial oil surrounds gears, rods and other moving parts where heat is generated. The heat transfers to the oil and disperses through it, keeping the parts from melting. Depending on the amount of heat and rate of buildup, it may be necessary to transfer the oil to another chamber for cooling.

Oil’s energy conductivity also works for kinetic energy, allowing oil products to be used for hydraulic machinery. Oil does not compress easily, and when pressure is applied to it, energy is transferred through the oil in the form of linear movement rather than compression. This allows the use of oil as a medium to transfer movement from a pump to mechanical devices. Since oil is liquid, it lends itself to this function by flowing readily into tubing, valves and other channeling devices.

Machines, which are used to make many diverse products, are often fueled, lubricated or cooled by industrial oil products.


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