Spindle Oils: Making the World Go ‘Round

During the Olympics in London in the summer of 2012, Michael Phelps dominated in the pool yet again and won his record breaking 18th gold medal.

World-class swimmers, like Phelps, almost seem to just glide through the water like a hot knife through butter. Aside from their natural athletic talent, coaching, and determination, swimmers are often known for taking additional steps in order to shave seconds off the clock. Hair trimming, wearing specially designed swimsuits, and donning swim caps, are all implemented in an effort to reduce drag and friction, because at the Olympic level, many races are determined by fractions of a second. Eliminating every bit of resistance therefore, can mean the difference between victory and defeat.

Much like Michael Phelps, high performance machines need to take the proper steps necessary to keep them operating in top form for years to come. Most industrial machines are designed to produce outstanding results. But the right oils help keep production at 100%.

Stevenson Oil & Chemical is committed to delivering quality spindle oils for high-speed rotating industrial equipment.

When handling spindles that exceed 5,000, 10,000, or even 25,000 RPMs, it is vital to ensure the spindle oils being used can:

  • Withstand those speeds
  • Effectively prevent grinding between components
  • Reduce heat created by friction

Low viscosity oils are exclusively designed for use on high-speed spindles, particularly those with ultra-fine clearance levels and to efficiently fulfill cooling and lubrication requirements. Simultaneously, they provide effective oxidation and corrosion resistance, allowing for considerably improved equipment life and reduced deposit development. Typically, spindle oils offer dependable water separation qualities as well and actively resist emulsion formations to keep moisture out of critical equipment components.

Spindle oils are regularly applied in diverse industries including:

  • Plastics manufacturing
  • Textile operations (which require separation between machine oils and fabrics)
  • Laboratory equipment production
  • Gas, steam, and hydroelectric turbine bearing lubrication
  • And many more.

Give your equipment the extra edge it needs with precision spindle oils from Stevenson Oil & Chemical, which helps businesses running smoothly. If you would like to learn more about spindle oils and how they can help your business, or to place an order, please contact Stevenson Oil & Chemical at 855-943-3337.

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