Environmentally-Friendly Lubricants

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Most manufacturing industries such as forestry, marine, construction, mining, and gas and oil often use environmentally-friendly lubricants. They’re the perfect choice given strict government policies and companies that are concerned about their environmental image.

High-Quality Oils and Fluids

Stevenson Oil supplies different types of industrial oils and fluids. These products include refining oils, gear oils, hydraulic oils, cylinder oils and heat transfer fluids. Apart from these, we also distribute quench oils, water-glycol fire-resistant fluids and rust preventatives. All of the oils that Stevenson Oil supplies are created from high-quality base stocks. We offer oils and fluids for a vast range of businesses.

We supply a wide collection of the best industrial greases, such as water-resistant industrial greases, multi-purpose, semi-fluid, food grade and synthetic greases. These greases are essential in preventing wear and tear, oxidation and corrosion. Stevenson Oil grease is supplied in cartridges, kegs and pails.

We also distribute the best way oils that aid in machine lubrication. The spindle oils we distribute will strongly combat emulsion formation and have efficient water separation characteristics. Stevenson Oil provides exclusive quench oils that are used in the production of gears, shafts and wear blocks. Quench oils can be used to upgrade the manufacturing of typically any technical equipment.

Industrial gear oils distributed by Stevenson Oil are in traditional petroleum-based formulations and custom designed synthetic blends. These oils come in different varieties that help in high-speed gearing and reducing friction in contact parts of the gears. We also offer the best industrial oils can be used on all contact surfaces, such as pistons, wheels and bearings.

The industrial punch compound we offer is of superior quality and is used by a variety of manufacturers for different applications. Punch compound from Stevenson Oil can be used with many ferrous and non-ferrous materials due to its versatility.

You can rely on Stevenson Oil for all environmentally-friendly lubricant needs.



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