Synthetic Hydraulic Machine Oil, Diester Oil

How can we help you with your synthetic oil needs? Our products include:

Oils and lubricants are used on a massive scale in processing plants to improve efficiency, ensure safety, and increase the life the machines. Damage to machines can be tremendously expensive. With greater use of precision equipment in the packing industries, quality machine oils are the lifeblood that’s needed to keep operations running smoothly. With a variety of oils on the market geared toward the specific needs of manufacturing operations, it is paramount that the most effective oils and lubricants are selected.

Stevenson Oil’s offering of synthetic hydraulic oils and lubricants provide substantial benefits, including:

  • Increasing the life of the machine
  • Reducing cost of maintenance
  • Reducing energy costs
  • Higher flash points
  • Lower deposit formation

These synthetic oils are especially popular in drilling/rig operations, the natural gas industry, refrigeration manufacturers, air conditioner manufacturers and pipeline operators. These industries have seen significant cost savings and increased efficiencies by utilizing synthetic technology.

Research into chemical processes has allowed natural materials to be copied and reproduced in synthetic form in such a way as to become more effective than the original in some cases.

Synthetic oils further prove their superiority in its adaptability to the environment. In cold weather environments, for example, conventional oils can be less effective. The quality of synthetic oils doesn’t suffer despite cold temperatures. In addition, allowing for an increased flash point provides enhanced safety for workers as well as equipment protection.

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