Refrigeration Lubricants Demand

World demand for refrigeration lubricants is expected to grow significantly over the next decade. This is due to the increased demand for cooling in many forms such as food storage, beverage production, pharmaceuticals, comfort in the summer or hot climates, and indoor air quality as well as a demand for environmentally-friendly products, that is, non-ozone-depleting substances. We will explore some of the reasons for their use.

  • Food and beverage storage – this is the most obvious reason for refrigeration. It is vital to keep food from the formation of yeast and bacteria in products and to keep food from becoming rancid. Refrigeration lubricants aid in the carbonization of soft drinks and other carbonated beverages. They cool the liquid so that the carbon dioxide will stay dissolved in the drink.
  • Pharmaceuticals – this industry has the same reasons for refrigeration as the food industry does, in this case, patient safety.
  • Air Conditioning and Air Quality Control – as the world continues to develop, air conditioning and cooling will be in demand. Indoor quality control is vital to human health.
  • Manufacturing and Petrochemicals – refrigeration lubricants are used in the production of liquefied natural gas and other manufacturing processes.

These products are required to lubricate the internal parts of compressors, reduce energy requirements, reduce heat and clean systems.

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