Dowfrost & Dowtherm: Ethylene and Propylene Glycol Organic Compounds

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Dowfrost and Dowtherm are Heat Transfer Fluids made from two different types of inhibited glycol, which functions quite efficiently to transfer heat. Both ethylene and propylene are considered self-maintaining fluids while preventing corrosion in the cooling equipment these liquids are pumped through. The organic compounds are versatile, the chemical base for antifreeze, fabrics, cosmetics, hydraulic fluid, textiles, threading, and pharmaceutical products.

Stevenson Oil is a major distributor of Dowtherm and Dowfrost HVAC series of Heat Transfer Fluids, which are a basic necessity in many industrial applications, manufacturing armatures, and especially for food safety heat transfers in the grocery business.

About Dowfrost

For Heat Transfer, except for food grade applications, Dowfrost is the right heat transfer fluid for HVAC systems in pharmaceutical companies, and other types of non-food processing operations. It is quite high in quality, with a pharmaceutical grade of mono-propylene glycol as the base. It is durable with the ability to handle temperatures as low and -50°F and heated to +250°F.

About Dowtherm

For food grade venues, such as grocery stores, restaurants, and food manufacturing companies, Dowtherm is used when the coolant may come in contact with potable water. It is the main component in systems that remove water from natural gas. Dowtherm is also used extensively in the airline industry as the base fluid for de-icing systems used to remove ice formations from the airfoils of all kinds of aircraft.

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