Plasma Quench – Water Table Corrosion Inhibitor

Plasma Quench is a liquid material designed to be used in plasma water tables to protect cutting equipment, eliminate corrosion and control odor.  It is formulated for use in open tanks commonly used for plasma torch, oxy-acetylene, and M.A.P.P. gas metal cutting operations where water is employed as a coolant and sound suppressant.

We offer one version of Plasma Quench specifically for steel and another form of the product that’s for steel as well as aluminum.

An innovative liquid, Plasma Quench is designed for use in water tables and prevents stagnation, corrosion of parts and offensive odors.

Plasma Quench is well suited for shops that use large open tanks that involve plasma torches, oxyacetylene and gas metal cutting. Water is used as both a coolant and as a sound suppressor for metal fabrication.

Here are some of the industries that use Plasma Quench as a corrosion inhibitor:

  • Industrial Manufacturers
  • Welding Operations

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The anti-rust additive helps with water plasma cutting, a popular method that is used to  reduce arc glare and cut down on noise while also ensuring that parts are cooled.

Despite the benefits of plasma, steel is prone to rust. With a water table, steel parts corrode because they are bare. The heat and humidity can actually speed up the corrosion process, leaving parts vulnerable to rust. Plasma Quench offers corrosion protection.

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Stevenson Oil also offers Shurcool, which extends the drill bit life in the plasma table.  It goes in the same sump as the plasma quench and is colorless. Shurcool is a powerful lubricant concentrate that can be used with rust inhibitors to create coolants that are tailored for machining, grinding, deburring, waterjet cutting drilling and more.

Download the Shurcool product data sheet.

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