Industrial Oil Resources

Stevenson Oil created a growing list of resources that shops and manufacturers may want to use to help grow their business.

The FPDA Motion & Control Network – FPDA

FPDA is an association for fluid power, automation and motion technology companies that want to improve their performance.
The International Fluid Power Society – OFPS

IFPS is an organization that focuses on quality certifications, other educational opportunities, and technology for professionals in the fluid power and motion control industry.

National Fluid Power Association – NFPA

The NFPA promotes education, technology and innovation among members of the organization, including manufacturers, distributors, suppliers, and educators.

PMMI – The Association for Packing and Processing Technologies

PMMI, a trade association, supports businesses that manufacture packaging, processing and packaging-related converting machinery, commercially-available packaging machinery components, containers and materials.

Hydraulics Online

Hydraulics Online features a forum and a directory to help engineers and others in the industry find the products, technology and tools that they need.

FPSI – Fluid Power Safety Institute

Founded by Rory S. McLaren, FPSI occupational safety within the fluid power industry (the web site includes articles and links to additional resources).

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