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Semi-synthetic Cutting and Grinding Coolant

How do you address your coolant needs for your operations like boring, milling, drilling, cutting and grinding? Stevenson Oil offers SEMI-SYN 200, which is a semi-synthetic coolant that companies can get because it works  with cast iron, all steels, aluminum

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Industrial Punch Compound Available

Stevenson Oil is proud to offer industrial punch compound for manufacturers. It’s a popular product because it’s an oil-based piercing, blanking, punching and stamping compound that a divese number of manufacturers rely on for many types of applications. If needed,

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Synthetic Cutting and Grinding Coolant for Industrial Applications

Are you looking for an outstanding synthetic metalworking coolant for your business? Stevenson Oil has the right product for a wide variety of industrial applications. SYN-COOL 340 is available as a 100% true-solution synthetic, heavy duty cutting and grinding coolant.

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